What is The Mobile Educator?

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The Mobile Educator (TME) offers ‘professional development’ training courses to teachers from Syria and other countries in the Middle East to make them well acquainted with Dutch education.

Central in our courses are modern educational methods, like active learning and the use of ICT in education. Additionally, we help our Syrian colleagues to rebuild their network in education.

Objectives of The Mobile Educator

  • TME programs and initiatives are aimed at teachers or other educational professionals from the Middle East. They are currently in the asylum application procedure, or recognized as a refugee.
  • TME supports colleagues to get to work (paid and unpaid) as soon as possible in their original field. This way TME alumni at the same time act as an example with respect to the integration and participation of adult peers, young adults and children from the Middle East.
  • At the same time TME wants to support TME alumni to create scenarios and set up initiatives to help build a new innovative knowledge and educational infrastructure in the Middle East, based on democratic values. Obviously TME does the latter only in safe areas, that is, areas where investment in education and education building is possible.
  • Key message of TME: the appeal on educational professionals’ own strength and talent to begin building a new life in the Netherlands, independent of their situation (asylum seeker or status holder) and perhaps eventually in their countries of origin. With this approach TME contributes actively to reducing social costs of integration and participation.