TME training 2016

2016-10-06-14-19-51_kleinFirst training

In March and April 2016 the first training of The Mobile Educator was organized. 16 teachers received their certificate of participation.

They received their certificate from Mardjan Seighali, director of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. Seighali complimented the participants: ‘You wish to develop and expand your skills. It is clear that you are highly motivated to contribute to our society.’

She stressed that this initiative can be an inspiring example for other organizations: ‘The Mobile Educator understands that refugees can enrich our society, but that they first need information and education, before they can show what they are good at.’

Second training

In the second training (August through September 2016) 20 teachers took part. The picture shows what the participants thought were the best things of the training.


Andrée van Es, chairperson of the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO, presented the certificates to the participants of the second training.