The TME training

A TME training consists of 16 sessions over a period of 8 weeks.

After completion of the course participants:

  • have an overview of the Dutch education field while addressing:
    • history and cultural aspects of education
    • structure of the Dutch education system compared to the education system in Syria
    • role of the teacher in the classroom
    • recent developments in Dutch education and school organization
    • procedures for international credential evaluation;
  • are acquainted with ICT applications in the classroom and in AZCs. Participants have a better understanding of the use of ICT applications (student tracking system, Moodle, several widely used apps) in modern education;
  • have created their own lessons using modern didactic principles, such as problem-based learning, creative and critical thinking, ‘flipping the classroom’, etc.;
  • with the support of TME, have organized school and classroom visits (including AZCs) where small independently developed projects were implemented;
  • have explored, where possible, concrete follow-up paths in the field: formulating next steps after credential evaluation, continuing education, finding work, etc. We use coaches who have a background in education; some combine this with practical experience in the Middle East.

After active participation in at least 14 training days, the participants receive a Certificate of Attendance of ICLON, Leiden University and The Mobile Educator. The training aims for professional development of the participants and does not lead to an official Dutch teacher qualification.

Currently, no application for TME training courses is possible.

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The Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO has granted patronage to The Mobile Educator training.

Until now the training is offered free of charge because we have funding. In the future this may change. The Mobile Educator team mostly works on a voluntary basis.