Nour Fattouh

I read about this training on Facebook. I became immediately enthusiastic. I was a teacher and I want really to learn how I can complete my way.

I started, and every day I got more and more information on how  the education system in the Netherlands works. What should I learn and know to become a teacher here? So it was my first important step.

After the training I got an internship at a  secondary school, now I see, learn and try at a real school and that is something special. My internship began at 24 October 2016 and I can stay until 18 June 2017. during this internship I take part in different levels. In the first period I just sit, listen, watch and learn how the interactive process between the teacher and the students is. I was so curious. After that I started to be more active: answer students questions. I tried more to be part of the lesson and I used what I learned from my training about using interactive programs to make quizzes. And that was something amazing, the students like it so much. And finally I gave a lesson by myself alone (completely in Dutch).

Of course I couldn’t do it without all the help and the support from the other teachers in the school; they let me feel as I am one of their team and I am just in the right place where I should be. An amazing experience. My Dutch becomes better and I got a lot of knowledge about the education system.

Nour Fattouh studied Mechanical Engineering and worked as a teacher at Aleppo University for 4 years.